Why PET plastic bottles? Plastic has quickly become the enemy so we thought we would highlight why our customers continue to use our PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) products more commonly known as #1 plastic to package their product – aside from the obvious price point advantage of course.


Why our customers choose PET plastic:

  • Recyclable – all PET plastic bottles can be recycled and used over and over again. In fact, PET is the most widely recycled plastic on the planet
  • Lightweight – yes, they are cheaper to produce but it ALSO means less energy is used during transportation. The Life Cycle Inventory Study reported in 2010 that “for every pound of recycled PET flake used, energy use is reduced by 84%; greenhouse gas emissions by 71%”
  • Safe/strong – plastic is far less of a hazard to consumers, it is harder to damage prior to sale and certainly wont shatter or break
  • PET plastic has the capability to be reused into rPET (recycled PET) to make more plastic bottles
  • Unique – using PET allows you to create new and different shapes that suit your brand and identity
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) & Phthalates – BPA and Phthalates are not used in food and beverage PET. However, please keep in mind that they have been approved as safe to include when BELOW the recognised tolerable daily intake
  • Visual – PET plastic can be as clear as glass bottles and jars

So that’s it, short, sweet and simple right?! We hope so 😊


Find out more:

Waipak NZ Ltd has the capability to manufacture a wide range of injection and blow molded products such as bottles, food packaging, caps & closures plus many other plastic packaging solutions. You can find our range of PET bottles on our website ( ). If you’d like to know more, our Team are extremely skilled and knowledgeable and always open to chat.