Our Story

The foundations for a new beginning…

 With over 40 years experience in the plastic industry and a strong family business already established in Hawkes Bay, Waipak NZ Ltd was formed May 2017. The Crawshaw family took up the opportunity to acquire the assets of a failing business and prevent the job losses of over 20 staff members. With our excellent team, years of expertise and culture of care and compassion it was a welcome change for staff, suppliers and customers alike.  Nothing like a fresh start!

Putting it simply, we are a family owned and operated business with a strong culture of care. In particular, care for People, Quality and the Environment. Our People are leading the change in New Zealand to sustainable plastic solutions. Innovation is in our blood and we thrive on challenges that other manufacturers turn away from. We come from a background of industry leaders in plastics technology with a proven track record and we are currently working on some of the most exciting projects that will change the future of plastic recycling in New Zealand and further abroad.

Waipak NZ Ltd has the capability to manufacture a wide range of injection and blow moulded products such as bottles, food packaging, caps & closures plus many other plastic packaging solutions. We use the latest manufacturing methods for PET (Polyethylene Terephalate) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with a key focus on 2 stage PET bottle manufacturing for clients in both New Zealand and abroad. Being leaders in innovation we are working with other plastic technology such as closing the loop with kerbside recycle in PP, rPET, PEF, PETg, and biodegradable PHA and PLA along with new developments as they become available.

Here at Waipak we love to offer you a complete tailored solution for your brand. We help you with your concepts and ideas to turn them into brilliant designs and guide you right through to production. We offer ongoing after sales service and are here to support you through the entire process. Every person that comes in contact with our organisation, we see as an opportunity to share ideas and provide a brilliant solution.

We are very competitive and able to service many needs. With a large range of stock preforms, you can choose a bottle shape of your own to create your unique stamp in the market. This allows us amazing flexibility to produce custom bottle designs with a lower capital cost for our customers, return on investment is now within reach. Beverages, home care, personal care, cold-filled, hot-filled, carbonated, all shapes and sizes – you name it, we are sure to have the solution.

Our premises is located in Hastings, Hawkes Bay and is well equipped with the latest and greatest systems and technology. Always innovating, we are constantly improving our processes to streamline production times and improve product quality.

The Crawshaw family have a long history in plastic manufacturing dating back to 1980, having started from a garage in Palmerston North before moving the business to Napier in 2004 and establishing Polymer Systems International Ltd. PSI Ltd is well known in the industry for their industry leading edge innovation and technology, breaking down barriers and providing solutions in many markets worldwide.

Our Culture

At Waipak, we have a tight knit dedicated team and strive on providing a positive and supportive environment. We understand the importance of team culture and we promote a culture of peer support, respect and compassion. We love to celebrate achievements, share ideas for improvement and care for what surrounds us.


Our People are leading the change in New Zealand to sustainable plastic solutions.


For every person that comes in contact with our organisation, we see as an opportunity to share ideas and provide a brilliant solution.


To provide brilliant solutions to people and make ideas or concepts a reality for everyone that supports a circular economy. 


To create a world where all recycled plastic items can be turned into a saleable product and plastic waste is no longer a problem.




Our Team

Steve Crawshaw



Dan Crawshaw



Roberto Rodriguez



“For us at Wairere Creamery, customer service is as important as the product. The team at Waipak supply us with our 1 & 2 litre bottles and lids for our fresh Goat Milk. We love the look and shape of the bottles and they fit our brand perfectly! But not only that, the bottles are delivered on time every time which is critical for us. On the rare occasions we’ve given any constructive feedback, it’s been handled quickly and professionally and without issue. We appreciate the friendly service every time we call!”

The team at Wairere Creamery