Words from Catherine Cater, our Sustainability and Communications Lead

I was lucky enough to pay a visit to the Visy MRF in Auckland.

To say I was shocked from the outset is an understatement. The first thing we saw was the incoming recycling pre sorting and it was less than reassuring. In the 30 seconds we stood and watched, almost every plastic bottle was close to half full of liquid, there was a carrot, a nappy and what looked like a swimming pool. These were the things that stood out as I watched in disbelief, imagine the things I missed!

I have been in my role for almost 8 weeks now and this experience is what I wish I could share with the world most. You HAVE to see it to understand. Unfortunately few will, so instead, we HAVE to find another way to make people understand. We need to educate, BETTER and FASTER. The remainder of the tour was exciting. Engineers are amazingly clever people and these machines can do some incredible stuff. We just need our communities to do BETTER and be better FASTER.

If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s how fast people can learn and adapt. But the guidance needs to come from the top. If you’d like to discuss how the Team here at Waipak are managing internal and customer plastic waste, get in touch .

Below is the video we watched before the Visy tour giving an insight into how the MRF operates, I strongly recommend watching it.