Check out our shot at winning $25,000❗❗❗ just for simply Rinsing, Recycling and Repeating ♻️😲

WasteMINZ and the Ministry for the Environment have introduced this 4 week competition to show off your great recycling habits to help spread the important message of 💥RINSING💥 before you 💥RECYCLE💥 and 💥REPEATING💥 the process every time!

As you know, waste education and consumer support are key focuses for our team so we thought choosing this challenge as our Friday Feature was the perfect way to achieve both those things! 🙌

We’d love to see you give this challenge a go too! By getting involved on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok, your efforts will be part of an enormous education campaign and you might just win 25K, how amazing is that 😍!

Don’t forget to tag 👉 #RinseRecycleRepeatNZ @rinserecyclerepeatnz
Competition closes November 5, 2021

For more info visit

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