SHOTT Beverages – Located in Wellington New Zealand is a world leader in the syrup industry. SHOTT Beverages famous syrups are not only found in almost every coffee shop and supermarket across NZ but cafes, bars and hotels all around the world.

“SHOTT Beverages began in 2006 when the Louisson’s (with the help of close family and friends) transformed their fresh juice company Nectar Juices into one of New Zealand’s first beverage concentrate businesses. From there SHOTT’s range has continued to expand into premium coffee syrups and chai concentrates to become a much desired brand with loyal supporters here in NZ and 14 countries worldwide. With their growing number of SKU’s it was a challenge for them to launch new products without huge investments in bottle tooling. Waipak offered a unique and competitive entry to market with the special way that they have designed their tooling set up to reduce the start up costs of a new product, also offering flexible amortized costs over the first six months of production. This gave SHOTT more confidence in the launch and also a surprising fast turn around of less than 4 weeks in for their 750ml bottle. From NZ To The Rest Of The World – From lush green fields to real fruit, SHOTT continues to produce right where they started in New Zealand. With the same philosophy – shots of real fruit, from real ingredients as Mother Nature intended.”

Waipak can also offer SHOTT the capability of closing the loop with the use of recycled resins and bottle return schemes to keep waste to a minimum and prevent product that otherwise may have ended up in landfill. Waipak are pleased to be growing alongside SHOTT in supplying a full bottle & caps solution and a returnable packaging system. All returnable packaging from SHOTT comes back to Waipak to be re-used again to reduce waste.

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