Shipping Delays


We all know current import and export shipping delays are prevalent, but did you know how extreme these issues are?

Here are a few examples of the issues caused by shipping delays (sourced from Kathrine Rich of NZ Food & Grocery Council):

  • 400% increases in container costs to NZ in a matter of months.
  • Cancelled sailings to and from NZ.
  • Shipping companies reneging on contracts.
  • Booking containers to be ready to ship one week in advance is no longer achievable. Instead bookings made one month in advance is only 50% likely to avoid any kind of delay.
  • Many business are having to change the entire way they do business in regards to forward planning. Staff are having to think and plan far further in advance than ever before in order to keep products on the shelf.

Richard Prebble, Director of Mainfreight said, “Right now it would be a mistake to think there is just a temporary transport bottleneckā€¦this is no blip”. With these challenges showing no signs of abating, manufacturing on shore here in Aotearoa can give you much greater control and certainty. We would love to help guide you through this ever evolving time in history. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team. We care for our people and know this is having an incredibly tough impact on many.