3 Reasons Why Your Premium Packaging Will Help You Succeed as a High-End Milk Brand


When selling your High-End Milk product, it is important for brands to consider consumer behaviour at great length. What used to be a simple decision between milk type and size, now see’s consumers purchasing around their personal values, physical and visual preferences, e.g. premium vs non-premium packaging. The Waipak Team have launched a Retro bottle Range to provide High-End Milk brands with innovative, sustainable and competitive options.


1. Global Demand for Alternative Milks is Growing 

When consumers choose an alternative milk, they are making that decision consciously. This choice could be based on the following dietary requirements:

  • taste
  • the want to support local
  • high/low-end preferences
  • word of mouth

Recent studies prove that sheep’s milk offers better nutrition and digestibility than cow’s milk. With that in mind, the market for sheep and goat milk is fast-growing in the New Zealand dairy sector and soon consumers will be overwhelmed with options. To stand out, manufacturers need to put time and effort into premium packaging especially when they consider their product High-End.


2. More People Than Ever Make Purchasing Decisions Based on the Sustainability of the Packaging

Globally, we are becoming more aware of the way we, as consumers impact the environment. This awareness has created what we can call the ‘Caring Customer’, passionate and conscientious about the planet. If your packaging is recyclable and your competitors is not, discerning customers are more frequently choosing your premium packaged product over theirs. Waipak premium packaging solutions can be made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled PET. It can then be recycled again and used within the construction industry, delivering a genuine circular economy solution.

Check out Leading brand Lewis Roads’ commitment to sustainability despite already being one of NZ’s top milk brands


3. People are Willing to Pay More for Premium looking Products 

Premium packaging is an essential and worthwhile investment to leverage the curious minds of the modern consumer who, research shows, is willing to pay more for visually appealing products – Carbon neutral brand Minor Figures prices their oat milk at $6 If your high-end milk product does not standout or meet trending aesthetics, eyes will skim the shelf landing on whichever one visually appeals. Only at this point will the customer possibly investigate the brand, generally however they will have already committed to the purchase as long as it feels good in their hands. Because of this, premium packaging is quickly becoming the norm. Staying fresh (excuse the pun) and up to date is crucial not only to please the new, inquisitive consumer but to keep up with your competitors too.


The Retro Range offers 250ml, 340ml, 750ml, 1000ml, and 1500ml options and are available to sample for FREE. If you’d like to find out more or see if Waipak premium packaging solutions are right for your brand, click here.