At Waipak, we have a tight knit dedicated team and strive on providing a positive and supportive environment. To achieve and maintain a successful business, we understand you must begin with your most valuable assets – your staff. We understand the importance of team culture and we promote a culture of peer support, respect and compassion. Celebrating achievements, sharing ideas for improvement and care for what surrounds us are our foundations.



Mission Statement

“Our People are leading the change in New Zealand to sustainable plastic solutions”

Vision Statement

“For every person that comes in contact with our organisation, we see as an opportunity to share ideas and provide a brilliant solution”

Recently, the Team at Waipak have made a shift towards more sustainable manufacturing options. We’re pleased to have also brought this shift to our staff. Waipak staff members now have the resources to think and act more environmentally friendly than ever before. We’ll be the first to admit it’s all a work in progress that isn’t always straightforward. Our sustainability goals come with an adjustment period but with our committed Team and a strong can do culture, we’re excited to see what we can achieve!

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