Finding the correct trigger sprayer for your unique application does not need to be tricky. We have put together a simple 6 step checklist to help you make the right choice.


Step 1. What’s the liquid type:

The first consideration for any potential trigger sprayers is, is the product and the packaging compatible? Liquid type is often discussed using the term ‘viscosity’ which is the thickness, stickiness or consistency of the fluid. If your liquid is hazardous or corrosive, we can recommend special chemically resistant sprayers.


Step 2. Decide what is the ideal volume for the sprayer to output:

Volume is measured by the amount of liquid released with one complete pull of the trigger (prime trigger first).  A typical sprayer’s output is 0.75ml, but there are options available all the way up to 5ml.


Step 3. Choose the spray pattern:

Another equally important factor is how you want the spray to be delivered on release from the nozzle. For example your trigger could produce a spray, straight stream, circular stream with uniform droplets, fine mist or foam pattern.


Step 4. Decide on how to package the products for shipping:

Consider if the sprayer will be pre-assembled or if the consumer will need to attach the various components. With many garden products, the sprayer is attached to the outside of the bottle while common household cleaners and pet sprays come attached and ready to use. Another factor to consider is shipper vs. non-shipper. Many trigger sprayers have on/off positions, but a “shipper” designed specifically to be in the “off” position, so it will not leak in transit. Quality desires and in-depth considerations make a big difference here and affect how your product survives various forms of transportation before it is stocked on a shelf or arrives on the customers doorstep.


Step 5. Next, you want to get the correct fit:

There are many different types of neck sizes and styles typically ranging from 24mm to 28mm with various thread lengths. If you are buying the complete package, trigger & bottle from the Team at Waipak, you can be assured that we have sorted this for you. However, if you have brought the bottle from another manufacturer, our specialists can help you ensure that you pick the correct fit and can arrange samples to leak test, etc.


Step 6. Dip tube length:

Triggers can come with many dip tube lengths as these are made to order. To determine the length, measure inside the neck of the bottle until you hit the base of the bottle. Sometimes the lead times for new runs can be prohibitive and you need a solution quickly, talk to our specialists about what options there are for cutting the tubes shorter or if too short, replacement with longer tubes.


Depending on where and how trigger sprayers will be used, we can help you weigh the deciding factors. If you are looking for a 100% recyclable trigger, this is being worked on so reach out to express your interest! You can also find a huge range of bottles from stock and concept ideas along with trigger sprayers on our website