Fighting COVID19

As an essential supplier of plastic bottles for the food and beverage industry we have been very busy with daily enquiries for hand sanitiser bottles. Kiwi’s just can’t get enough. We love a challenge and we are working around the clock to keep up with demand. To make it simple for anyone out there wanting to chip-in and fill bottles with sanitiser in support of the fight against COVID-19, we have put together a basic range.

The Cone Range

One of our main focuses over recent weeks has been the production of hand sanitiser bottles aka the “Cone Range”. A sleek and simple designed bottle with a cone shoulder – perfect for the job and easy to label. We have been mainly focusing on the 500ml and 1000ml sizes as they seem to be most popular, however the Cone bottle also can be made in a 125ml, 375ml and 600ml.¬†

The Neck Detail

Cone bottles use a 28mm 1810 neck style which is probably the most common 28mm style on the market (Same as Coke). Most 28mm pumps will fit this, we can send samples if you like to double check.

Where can I buy pumps or flip caps?

We are supplying most customers with a 28mm flat, plain cone seal cap to suit. Most customers are marketing the product as a refill because it is the product that the market is screaming for rather than the pump / flip-top experience. However, in saying that we are busy trying to source options from offshore as NZ is in a stock out situation not unlike the rest of the world to meet the demand of the ‘must haves’.

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