Hawke’s Bay based, Waipak NZ Ltd one of New Zealand’s leading plastic manufacturers has been producing a wide range of injection and blow moulded products such as bottles, food packaging, caps & closures plus many other plastic packaging solutions since May 2017.

But they are not just producing, they’re on a mission to flip common misconceptions of plastic or ‘urban junk’ on their head. Instead, passionately advocating for plastic to be seen as a renewable resource, if it simply enters the correct end of life systems.

Waipak is thriving on the challenges other manufactures are turning away from. They’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or introduce new and overwhelming waste disposal methods to consumers.

They’re keeping things simple.

Designing and producing products for recyclability, and responding to existing waste disposal systems in New Zealand to set common household plastics on a different lifecycle.

Unlike traditional linear manufacturing models (make, use, dispose of) Waipak operates on a closed-loop system, in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible. Before being recovered at the end of their ‘first life’ creating a make, use, return system instead.

With increasing pressure from the public surrounding plastic pollution matters, the tide is beginning to turn and Waipak is seeing an increasing demand in the market and people’s minds for plastic initiatives.

Having found many creative uses for scrap PP (#5), PET (#1), and HDPE (#2) – The common New Zealand household recycled plastics, Waipak is pleased to share that they process approximately 40 tonnes of recycled plastics per month! With plans to expand this capability to meet increasing public demand and make way for products such as their recycled PET Bar Chairs for concrete construction.



Attracting around forty thousand participants to Hawke’s Bay from Wednesday the 17th-21st of February 2021, it’s no secret that The Napier Art Deco Festival has been working hard each year to ensure that their waste footprint is minimised throughout the large scale event.

With event suppliers and vendors expected to use glass, bio-degradable products, re-usable plastics, and other more sustainable products. Waipak approached the team at the Art Deco festival to float the idea of re-introducing a past crowd favourite Art Deco inspired recyclable water bottle.

The team at Waipak not only wanted to keep deco dancers and revellers hydrated in the Hawke’s Bay sun, but to provide a sleek, sustainable, glass look alike bottle, that complimented the stye of the early 20th century.

With the Art Deco Festival organisers enlightened by the idea late last year, it’s been a true Hawke’s Bay collaboration to have the Deco bottles produced in such a short time frame. Seeing the potential, Waipak produced a run of niche plastic bottles and caps, arranged labels and filling and distributed just in time for the prestigious event.

On purchase of the bottle from the Art Deco Store, consumers will receive information encouraging them to return the plastic bottle to the Art Deco store collection site at the end of its weekend use. This will see the bottles sent back to the Hawke’s Bay Waipak plant where they were manufactured, grounded down in to chip before being repurposed in to rPET Bar Chairs, used for support and reinforcing in the construction industry.

However, it is also expected that many Art Deco enthusiasts may wish to hold on to the bottles as a piece of memorabilia to mark the Art Deco Weekend’s 90th anniversary. But rest assured when the days reminiscing on a dapper Art Deco weekend in Hawke’s Bay are over, the Deco bottles can be simply placed into household recycling systems making their way back to Hawke’s Bay’s Waipak plant to be repurposed.

Words By Lara Hornby from Written By Lara 


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