Have you heard about the three types of packaging?

Check out these different types of packaging ‘levels’ categorised as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary packaging and what needs they meet throughout a products life!


Primary Packaging:

👉 Packaging that touches the product
👉 Main goals to product, inform and attract
👉 Primary packaging varies depending on the product. It could be a plastic bottle, aluminum can, an envelope, bubble wrap etc.


Secondary Packaging:

👉 Exterior packaging of the primary packaging and commonly used to package multiple products together
👉 Further protects and labels the product either for shipping or in store use
👉 Typically first seen by the consumer and used to help display the product in store


Tertiary Packaging

👉 Used by warehouses/factories to ship secondary packaging such as pellets, wrapping etc.
👉 Fully protect shipments and their secondary packaging and enables movement of many products together
👉 Not seen by customers

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(images sourced from: Organization of Cargo Containers and Packing Cases for Secondary Turnover in Logistic Systems)