Did you know, at Waipak, we have a plastic shredding machine? It takes our industrial ‘waste’ like faulty bottles and caps and regrinds them into chipped material!

Our plastic shredding machine enables us to have a closed loop system within the Waipak factory. This chipped material is then re-manufactured into construction products for NZ business QPOD and Castle. Industrial waste is common during manufacturing but rather than sending ours to landfill or a recycler we’ve come up with our own in house solution!


Why is this so important to us?

There is increasing pressure from the public surrounding plastic pollution matters. We are seeing an increased demand in the market and people’s minds for plastic initiatives. The benefit of this solution is that we’re not transporting waste around and we are 100% sure that it is being recycled into actual products. This internal process also gives proof and piece of mind to our customers. It shows that we are frequently making additions to our manufacturing process to ensure we are conscious and responsible plastic ‘waste’ producers while assisting other businesses with moving from virgin plastic to recycled. It’s simply the Waipak way.


Check out this example (video not owned by Waipak) of what a plastic shredding machine looks like in action!



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About Waipak’s Mission:

Our Mission is that “Our People are leading the change in New Zealand to sustainable plastic solutions”.

Unlike traditional linear manufacturing models (make, use, dispose of) Waipak operates on a closed-loop system, in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible. We have found many creative uses for commonly recycled NZ plastics (such as #1, #2 & #5), and process approximately 40 tonnes of recycled plastics per month!

For more info on our sustainability work and closed loop system contact us today!