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Our new PET dairy bottle range.

Simply Brilliant.

Putting it simply, we are a family owned and operated business with a strong culture of care.

In particular, care for people, quality and care for the environment. Our people are leading the change in New Zealand to sustainable plastic solutions and closing the loop on recycling. Innovation is in our blood and we thrive on challenges that other manufacturers turn away from.





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Manufacturing Innovation, a Key Driver in Sustainability

Manufacturing Innovation, a Key Driver in Sustainability

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll be aware of the major environmental pressures many industries and their products have been and will be facing for the foreseeable future. You will also probably have realised then, that businesses who embrace the need...

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If We Banned Plastic

If We Banned Plastic

If we banned plastic tomorrow, what would that mean? What would the world look like?   Can we have a world without plastic? Well, we use plastic in a lot of products, often more than you can fathom from a few moments of thought. Within the office where this blog...

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WAIPAK – PRODUCING FOR RECYLABILITY Hawke’s Bay based, Waipak NZ Ltd one of New Zealand’s leading plastic manufacturers has been producing a wide range of injection and blow moulded products such as bottles, food packaging, caps & closures plus many other plastic...

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About Us

In May 2017, The Crawshaw family jumped at the opportunity to purchase Waipak and prevent the job losses of over 20 staff members. With our excellent team, years of expertise, significant investment and overdue plant maintenance we have expanded our production capacity massively since taking over the business and have grown Waipak to achieve great success in a short time period. 

Client's Feedback

“For us at Wairere Creamery, customer service is as important as the product. The team at Waipak supply us with our 1 & 2 litre bottles and lids for our fresh Goat Milk. We love the look and shape of the bottles and they fit our brand perfectly! But not only that, the bottles are delivered on time every time which is critical for us. On the rare occasions we’ve given any constructive feedback, it’s been handled quickly and professionally and without issue. We appreciate the friendly service every time we call!”

The team at Wairere Creamery