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Our new PET dairy bottle range.

Packaging Brilliance.

We are a family owned and operated plastic packaging business. Manufacturing innovation is in our blood and we thrive on challenges and problem solving for the wider industry.   

The Crawshaw family saw an opportunity for personal and community growth and purchased Waipak in 2017. We are inspired to support our community and future potential using our 40 years of plastic and manufacturing experience

With a strong culture of care for people, quality and the environment, our people are leading the change in Aotearoa New Zealand to sustainable plastic solutions and closing the loop on plastic waste.”





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Waipak Plastic Shredding Machine

Waipak Plastic Shredding Machine

Did you know, at Waipak, we have a plastic shredding machine? It takes our industrial 'waste' like faulty bottles and caps and regrinds them into chipped material! Our plastic shredding machine enables us to have a closed loop system within the Waipak factory. This...

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Fight Against Covid-19

Fight Against Covid-19

As a result of the NZ Government's snap Covid-19 lockdown period, we wanted to highlight to our current and potential customers the products we have available as an essential business to support the essential food & beverage and hygiene sector during this time of...

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Shipping Delays

Shipping Delays

Shipping Delays   We all know current import and export shipping delays are prevalent, but did you know how extreme these issues are? Here are a few examples of the issues caused by shipping delays (sourced from Kathrine Rich of NZ Food & Grocery Council):...

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“For us at Wairere Creamery, customer service is as important as the product. The team at Waipak supply us with our 1 & 2 litre bottles and lids for our fresh Goat Milk. We love the look and shape of the bottles and they fit our brand perfectly! But not only that, the bottles are delivered on time every time which is critical for us. On the rare occasions we’ve given any constructive feedback, it’s been handled quickly and professionally and without issue. We appreciate the friendly service every time we call!”

The team at Wairere Creamery