Covid-19, The Complete Package…

 COVID-19 has forced us all to rethink how we do business and see where our core competencies are. Without a doubt, the Waipak team stood out from the crowd over the last 8 weeks and provided millions of bottles, pumps & triggers (check out our full product range here to support the fight against this rampant virus. We tirelessly worked around the clock to do our best to provide solutions to the challenges in the market and found ourselves as the one-stop-shop for a package to suit every need. Rather than just supplying the bottles, we can now service your full solution with the help of industry knowledge and advice. We arranged many airfreight shipments and tagged onto to charter flights that Air NZ arranged at short notice to make this happen.

Lotion Pumps


Although it is sometimes difficult, we do our level best to match the correct colour pump to suit your bottle, correct dip tube length and thread specification.
TIP: Dip tube length is measured from the seal edge to the end of the tube.

Syrup Pumps


Pumping from larger containers in larger quantities? These are typically sold with 15ml or 30ml dose however, other options are on offer while stocks last.
Please note: These pumps require an adapter cap to fit Waipak bottles (we can supply).

Trigger Sprayers


A popular choice. Stock available in 28/410 White with a 28cm dip tube, a great match for our 500ml Cleaner Bottle, 750ml Ribbed, or 1000ml Cone Bottle.

Flip Top Caps


Simple, geat value and versatile. Perfect for squeezy hand sanitiser or lotion bottles. Try these with our 350ml Boston round – a great match. Stock available to suit 28/410 with different colour options. Also used for PET care products, shampoos, etc.

New & Popular COVID-19 Bottle Designs 

The Cleaner Bottle


Perfect for any spray cleaners,  such as anti-microbial surface spray. Featuring unique textured finger grips. Available in 500ml. 750ml coming soon…

The Cone Range


Our most popular trending bottle. The perfect chemical bottle with a cone shoulder and so easy to label. Available in 125ml, 375ml, 500ml, 600ml and 1000ml.

The Bell Range


A bit more classy, suited well for cosmetic products. The Bell range is a great look for soaps and lotions as well as hand sanitiser. Available in 350ml, 500ml and 1000ml. 250ml coming soon…

The Ribbed Bottle


Another popular bottle being used for chemicals and spray cleaners. Featuring “ribbed” lines top and base. 750ml.
‘Easy to label and runs well down the line’.