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Waipak manufactures an array of different closures, many of which are leading edge and customised in the purest of form.

Our closure range consists of latest technology hot fill 38mm VHJ slitted and folded tamper bands the only closure of this type manufactured in New Zealand!

These unique closures are available with a fitted induction seal or as a liner less hot fill cone seal cap. Both are suitable for temperatures as high as 90 degrees C. Also available in a 2 start VHJ form is a modern light weight dairy closure once again fitted with an induction sealed liner of your choice.Waipak supplies the bottled water and carbonated markets with a vast array of 28mm PCO and ROPP closures as well as the new 28mm 1881 “shorty” cone seal carbonated closure.

Keep in close contact to see what Waipak is doing for the flip top closure market specifically in food.

Once again custom solutions are a reality as capital costs are reduced significantly with the IP delivered into tool building to deliver solutions to our customers.

+64 (06) 834 4804  |  1166 Maraekakaho Road, Longlands, Hastings 4175