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All Waipak bottles are manufactured on a 2 stage process being the preform is manufactured separately to the blowing process. This means amazing flexibility in our ability to use our current library of preform sizes resulting in lower capital costs and lower unit costs for our customers!

Waipak has the capability to manufacture bottles from 100mls to 3 litre capacity with in-house manufactured preforms of optimized weights and technologies giving our customers an amazing variety of custom solutions.Our latest technology blow stations can make round bottles, flasks, odd shapes are ideally suited for all FMCG categories – Dairy, Food, Beverages, Home Care and Personal care.

Waipak caters for both cold and hot filled bottles up to

80 degrees C in 28mm and 38mm neck sizes.

Waipak has a small stock range of bottles in cold and hot fill beverages as Waipak’s aim is to deliver true custom solutions to our customers!

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